About Smart Power manufacture.

Smart Power was established in 2009 and is
A well-established company with experience
Dating back to the nineties. Aiming to solve all customer needs  within the Scope of distribution and marketing service.  

Our Services

If you wish to obtain an agency from Smart Power Company Or have your own brand in the detergent world You can contact us from inside and outside Turkey

We Go International

So far , our customers have been from countries in Africa and Middle East .

Not from neither regions ? Be our first customer from your region




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We champion people to be well & thrive every single day.

OUR STORY More Than 10 Years of Making Everyday Life Better, Every day.

Bringing the cleaning and disinfecting power of bleach to the world. Helping out in wartime and natural disasters. Investing time and energy in our communities. And bringing hundreds of products to life that make everyday life better every day — there are literally thousands of ways The Smart Power has earned the trust and respect of people everywhere since we opened our doors in 2009.

We’ve showcased some of our historical milestones both great and small to help you see how our company — which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2019 — continues to touch people every day.

Our Brands

Our reach is global, our brands beloved.

Importing detergents from Smart Power

Turkey, in general, there is a high quality for the production and manufacture of washing powders and detergents, and there are many companies working in this field, although the export prices of these products are excellent according to the export price in other countries due to the close distance between the Arab countries and Turkey is the low cost of shipping. 

This means that the total cost of importing products will be low, which means that they can be sold locally to merchants at competitive prices. 

Be our agent of Smart Power factory products in Turkey.  

1. Premium Quality

Ensures the product withdrawn in quantities into the market 

2. Marketing Support

Strong marketing support within local markets via e-marketing platforms  to introduce your products and strengthen sales channels 

3. Exclusive Contracts 

To import the item or product according to your country

4. Flexibility 

Flexibility to modify the product or customize products according to the requirements of your local market  

5. Special offers and discounts 

Special prices that guarantee you good profits 

Our product in the market

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